Trainers-DougBorn and raised in a Wisconsin working-poor family, Doug Nelson recalls that his first job was, “staying out of trouble.” Once he’d mastered that, he discovered a propensity for learning real-world business skills and a flair for entrepreneurship.

By the time he was 25, not only was Doug adept at staying out of trouble, he was part owner of two companies and well on his way to success. By 33, he was financially free and teaching others to manage their own businesses though a national training company.

Then, in 2003, Doug was burned in a natural gas accident. After 6 weeks in a coma, he awoke to find over half of his body severely burned and his life completely changed. However, with several passive income structures solidly in place, the long year of rehabilitation that followed was less stressful than it might have been had he been on unstable financial footing at the time of his accident. This was a lesson Doug never forgot.

In 2004, Doug attended Peak Potentials™’ Millionaire Mind Intensive. He was floored by the intense delivery of money management principles; which he knew from his business background to be sound. While attending Train the Trainer 1, he joined the Quantum Leap program. In June of 2006, Doug led his first Millionaire Mind Intensive. He is now lead trainer at several of Peak’s most popular courses.

The difference between Peak Potentials™ Training and other training companies, according to Doug, is that the learning is based on experience, rather than just information. Doug’s training style is based on the belief that what you experience, you remember; and anything you can remember, you can apply to making real change in your life.

When asked why he trains for Peak Potentials™, Doug says, “Becoming wealthy is not about big cars. It’s about being ready to accept life on its terms. Chances are it’s going to rain someday; having an ark already built is a good idea.”