How do you find the right vehicle to financial freedom specific for YOU? Two things come up right now. Firstly is, people who are overwhelmed with vehicles are evidently focusing on the vehicle.

Draw an upside down triangle, and on this left hand side over here, or maybe your right, you’re going to put RK, which stands for right knowledge. On the other side of it you’re going to put RV, which stands for right vehicle. And on the bottom you’re going to put RY, which stands for the right you.

Now here’s the thing. Most people, and this was my life; I struggled for fourteen years for this specific reason. I always thought that the answer to everything – to making a lot of money, was if I found the right business, the right vehicle and I got into the right thing at the right time, I would be rich. And I totally believed that, and now I know it’s only a part of what it takes. Your purpose, your mission, your talents, your real interests.

Going out there to look for vehicles that are hot money makers, I’ll just say right now, once you get there it won’t be a hot money maker any more. Because you’ve got to bring yourself to the table. It’s different strokes for different folks. You could have a gorgeous pair of shoes, and you go “Wow these are beautiful shoes.” But if they don’t fit you, what’s the use? And so you’ve got to come from who you are, and be able to help people in that arena, to serve them in that arena. And that will be your best vehicle, for certain.

And I can tell you this; whenever I’m on the flip chart, especially at the Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI), I write these words. And people don’t like it. It says this: “Opportunities can be obstacles.” Oh my God, how could you say that? Well because the reality is that there’s something to success. I would say that 50% minimum or more, this is the biggest problem you’ve got. And here it is. Lack of focus. Lack of focus. You’re all over the place. You’ve got this going, then you hear about this, so you try a little of that, and now you’re looking at this… And just looking at all these things takes half of your time. How could you focus on getting rich? You know I’ll tell you right now, getting rich is not a stroll in the park. It takes serious energy. It takes some hard work and effort. Now it doesn’t have to be forever, but what we teach people is that you do it for two or three years and you should be pretty set. Then you can slow down a little bit. But at the beginning it just takes everything you’ve got.

If you’re looking at a hundred opportunities, a hundred vehicles, you know you’re not focusing on the path in front of you. So you need to focus right in front of you and stay true to your core. Choose something.