The most comprehensive stock investment and trading educational program around, Freedom Trader University will build upon the strategies you learned in Freedom Trader Intensive.

During this program you will learn advanced techniques to help you trade futures and create massive investment profits. Master trader, Courtney Smith, will also share with you the trades he makes on a daily basis; and will produce live, interactive coaching webinars, to help you create wealth the same way he did.

Freedom Trader University includes Master Stock Trader Boot Camp, Master Futures/Forex Boot Camp and Coaching with Courtney.

Master Stock Trader Boot Camp

There are three critical factors for making money in the markets: psychology, risk management, and entry/exit rules. During this 4-day course, Courtney will show you hard-core, practical and usable techniques to master these factors so you can maximize your efforts and turbo charge your normal stock trading.

Key concepts that you’ll learn include:

  • What the underlying cycles of the market are and how you can use this knowledge to predict when the market will change direction so you can get ready for coming moves.
  • How to combine stock trading with options to make sure you only buy under-valued and sell over-valued options.
  • The key to generating 45% or more using Courtney’s special form of covered call writing.

Plus, you’ll leave fully capable of finding stocks that are about to explode in price so you’ll be able to buy a stock just before it does.

At Master Stock Trader Boot Camp you’ll go from knowing the basics to mastering some of the most amazing strategies for trading options.

Master Futures/Forex Boot Camp

This 4-day course is designed to give you actionable ways to use futures trading that protect your wealth and grow your bank account in this low-interest rate and high inflation economic environment.

Key concepts that you’ll learn include:

  • Secrets to Futures/Forex, such as the “Slingshot” and how to trade futures with little money.
  • When to trade and which strategies will suit you best based on your personality.
  • Managing the risk in trading Forex so you don’t let a short run of bad luck blow you out of the market.

Plus, you’ll leave fully capable of gaining independence from the stock market so that you may use Forex to make money in both bull and bear markets.

At Master Futures/Forex Boot Camp you’ll go from knowing the basics to mastering some of the most effective inside methods of trading Forex.

Coaching w/Courtney

This monthly membership program is designed to give you direct access to Courtney and his team of trading advisors, to help you make sure you trade according to the rules.

During weekly group coaching/educational webinars, Courtney will give you tips to stay up to date on the market and how to trade in the current conditions. And as the coaching webinars are interactive, you’ll be able to ask Courtney questions right there on the spot.

With Coaching with Courtney you will have unlimited email support from him and his team to ask questions as they come up. Plus, you’ll get special red-hot alerts on any special trades or situations relative to the market.

Follow My Trades

Freedom Trader University students will also receive access to this annual membership program, which gives you access to Courtney’s trades – so you can actually trade just like a pro! Before he makes his trades in the morning, Courtney posts them to an exclusive website for you to access. He makes it easy for you by doing all the work and analysis so that you don’t have to.

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