The people we surround ourselves with are critical to our success.

Many of us already choose to be around people that give us great advice and support. But, if you have the desire to take your life to a totally new level, you may need to be exposed to a new way of thinking.

Coaching and mentoring expose you to a new state of mind, enhancing your skills, knowledge and work performance. And New Peaks™ offers two coaching programs to help you with all of this.

CEO Mentoring Program

When you join the CEO Mentoring Program, you team up with like-minded people to help you grow and attract success in all areas of your life – an Executive Team of mentors to support and guide you, a Success Group to celebrate with and gain encouragement towards your next goal and Power Partners to help you stay on track with additional accountability.

Through the New Peaks™ CEO Mentoring Program, you’ll:

  • Gain clarity of what your current situation really is; a baseline of where you are right now and what mindset, behaviors and habits are required to create a successful outcome.
  • Participate in quarterly mentoring calls with members of the New Peaks™ Leadership Team.
  • Work with a Power Partner assigned to you based on an assessment of your life goals, to be your accountability partner and help keep you on track.

Through the New Peaks™ CEO Mentoring Program you’ll be inspired and supported to venture into your new way of thinking, creating success and fulfillment in all areas of life!

Reasons or Results Coaching

Every year, millions of people set goals for themselves. And every year, millions of people fail to reach those goals. Why? Because people simply don’t do what they say they are going to do.

Reasons or Results Coaching is for those who are ready to create success habits. It provides you with a highly trained coach that will once and for all hold you accountable. Your excuses will become a thing of the past. You will set goals and intentions in areas like work, wealth, health, and relationships and your coach will drive you to meet and exceed those targets.

Reasons or Results Coaching will:

  • Provide weekly high-accountability processes that will keep you on track to reaching your goals, so you literally can’t miss them.
  • Train you to commit, without over- or under-committing, and to fulfill on all of your commitments all of the time.
  • Provide detailed feedback to you on what’s working, what’s not working and ways to correct and continue making progress towards your goals.

Stop producing fewer results than you know you are capable of. Reasons or Results Coaching is THE program to ensure you get exactly what you want out of life.

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