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  • Many Consumers Are UpBeat – Are You?

    The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index®, which had improved in April, increased again in May. Consumers are recognising that business conditions are improving, the labor market is more positive, and […]

  • How To Feel On Purpose

    “When your gifts plus a need in the world cross, therein lies your vocation.” ~ Aristotle Let’s look at this equation; what’s called the Feel on Purpose equation: YG + […]

  • The Key To Business Success

    The Key To Business Success

    2012 was marked by a lot of hoopla about ancient Mayan calendars predicting the end of the world. We’re still here. But the world did end – at least, as […]

  • Financial Awareness Month

    If we asked you whether you are happy with your financial situation, what would your honest answer be? Are you financially where you want to be? The truth is that […]

  • Your Inner Voice of Fear vs Love (Video)

    Have you ever been told, “You need to change your attitude”? Maybe back when you were a child, or by a coworker or friend as an adult? Or perhaps you’ve […]


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