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  • Marketing Before Product Development

    Marketing Before Product Development

    The first mistake that most people make when starting their business is not creating the marketing strategy before choosing the new business, product, or service. That’s right. If you’re smart, […]

  • How To Use Words To Get What You Want

    How To Use Words To Get What You Want

    Words have power. They can be used to create or destroy. Used unconsciously they can bring unwanted experiences. However, when words are spoken with purpose and precision they pave the […]

  • Showing Up Matters

    Showing Up Matters

    When my mother died abruptly of cancer when I was only 19, I learned that life is not a dress rehearsal. It really matters that you live your life to […]

  • Are You Outsourcing Your Power?

    Are You Outsourcing Your Power?

    Outsourcing is the thing to do these days in business when it comes to your virtual assistant, designing a website and your social media campaign. But outsourcing for your power […]

  • There’s No Freedom In Waiting To Be Rich

    It’s one of the most basic questions ever: What do you and 99% of the population want most? Most people will say “More money.” Specifically, we want to be rich. […]


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