Did you know that the Universe (yo!) is like a great big eBay in the sky? Every thing, person, event and dollar that comes your way is delivered to you from the same place. Every time you truly want or ask for something, a new order is placed and the Universe (uBay?) does its best to say “YES!” and give you what you asked for.

The only problem? Sometimes we send the Universe mixed messages by not being certain and consistent about what we really want. And then life gets really interesting!

Suppose you put it out there that you want to be rich and successful beyond your wildest dreams! The Universe will begin sending you opportunities to create that wealth (keep an eye out for them!). Things might start to go really well for a while, but then you remember that old saying you heard somewhere that rich people are greedy and you think, “Well, that’s not ME!” And uBay reacts accordingly and supports you in not being one of those greedy rich people— by not sending you wealth!

Then you might decide that having money isn’t so bad, and that it makes your life way more enjoyable and exciting. Your uBay will pull a uTurn (get it?) and put you back on the path to wealth and success. Then you have a bad day (it’s probably going to be a Monday) and think that money isn’t the answer after all. This time the universe is going to throw you some serious side-eye and put you back on the “not rich” path.

Do you see a pattern forming here? Here it is: The number one reason most people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know what they want.

Read that sentence again and let it sink in.

This is the one thing that rich people are totally clear about. Rich people have an unwavering, unquenchable, burning desire to be rich. They’re fully committed to creating and sustaining wealth. They’ll do whatever it takes to be rich (we suggest staying within legal and ethical boundaries as it tends to get a bit messy otherwise).

“Not-yet-rich” people aren’t certain that they even want to be rich. As a result, they send confusing messages to the Universe and to themselves and they never get anywhere.

The Universe is listening— just make sure you know what you want before you order.

Make ours a double!

Your Peak Potential™ Team

P.S.: We want to hear from you! What do YOU want? How can you start getting clear and committing to your goal?