The history of Peak Potentials™ began in 1988, when the founder and president, T. Harv Eker™, set out to inspire others by sharing the story of his own rise to success. His first workshop, How to Find Hot New Businesses that Can Make You Rich, started with small groups of 12 participants, and is the starting point for one of the fastest growing business and personal success training companies in North America.

One year later, Harv was invited to give a two-day seminar on money making strategies to 350 participants. However, the audience was unimpressed when they learned that the promoter was not going to attend, and that the speaker (Harv) was unknown to them. A third of the audience immediately walked out, while the rest sat waiting, arms crossed expectantly.

However, by the second day, Harv had created a palpable energy in the room. Several participants had asked him questions about marketing strategies, at which point he offered a course the very next weekend. Almost everyone in the room registered.

Harv continued to facilitate seminars and workshops, and noticed that some participants skyrocketed to success, while others didn’t go anywhere. He soon learned that old beliefs were sabotaging some participants’ efforts in achieving success. Harv changed direction at this point and created the seminar Your Mind & Money, which focused on the roots and causes of success. The key to mastering the money game depended on both outer business knowledge as well as inner psychology.

In 1994, Harv created the Street Smart Business School in California, which soon evolved into Peak Potentials™ Training Inc., and in 1997, he moved the company to his home office in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

In 1996, Harv wrote his first book, SpeedWealth, and promoted the book to network marketers. To his amazement, over 400 people showed up for the book’s first workshop, and within a couple of years, attendance had risen to 2,500.

Peak Potentials™ began to grow and a small staff continued to work out of Harv’s home office. At times, staff was forced to use the washing machine and dryer as a desk due to the limited space. This changed in 2000 when Peak Potentials™ moved into a much larger office in North Vancouver. Soon after, Harv created another seminar, the Millionaire Mind Evening, with several participants traveling from Europe, Asia and Africa to attend.

In 2005, Harv’s second book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, hit #1 on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller lists. Due to the book’s success, Peak Potentials™ grew exponentially.

In 2011, Harv sold Peak Potentials™ Training Inc, to his worldwide promoters Success Resources, and now licenses his programs in North America as well as worldwide.

Today, the New Peak Potentials™ is expanding into additional online products and coaching programs to compliment what participants call the “world’s best” live events and is a leader in the success training industry. The goal is to touch the lives of over a million people and create positive change, abundant success and the best life possible for every one who attends one of Peak Potentials™’ trainings.